Thursday, April 26, 2007


Steve Ditko, a reportedly mild-mannered, but very firm in his personal beliefs, individual portrayed THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, a character he co-created with MARVEL COMICS' Stan Lee, in a manner no other cartoonist has been able to equal or surpass since the iconic web-swinging wall-crawler debuted in 1962.
Ditko, known to hold very dearly on objectivist beliefs, says he wants his work to speak for itself, and I am happy to leave it at that.
Mr. Ditko's long list of co-creations, including SPIDER-MAN, DOCTOR STRANGE: MASTER OF THE MYSTIC ARTS, and his earliest super-hero work, CAPTAIN ATOM, as well as his version of BLUE BEETLE, all display a unique acrobatic style that makes them at once fantastic and believeable, sweeping gracefully over cityscapes and plowing through gangs of thugs with equal aplomb, but, the fantasy creation DOCTOR STRANGE takes it even further, materializing in other dimensions to battle the forces of evil.
Ditko's most personal creation, the objectivist and Ayn Rand-ian MR. A, is profound and simple at the same time, telling the evildoers he confronts that "A IS A", and that there is no compromise, only GOOD or EVIL.

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