Saturday, April 28, 2007


The late Jim Aparo drew nearly 100 issues of DC COMICS' BATMAN team-up title, THE BRAVE & THE BOLD, as well as that "darknight detective's" own title and his feature in DETECTIVE COMICS for that company.
Earlier in his career Jim had attempted to sell a few newspaper features, which were not successful, but have been printed subsequently, and had his first big break drawing the comic book incarnation of the King Features character, THE PHANTOM, which had been created by Lee Falk in the 1930's,in a number of issues that he pencilled and inked, as usual, for CHARLTON COMICS.
Jim also drew a number of AQUAMAN stories at DC, in a wondefully written group of comic books from DC, that teamed him with the very imaginative Steve Skeates (pronounced like ice skates are), and Editor, Dick Giordano.
When DC discontinued publication of THE BRAVE & THE BOLD, with it's 200th issue (!!!), Jim was continuing to draw BATMAN team-ups, in the series BATMAN & THE OUTSIDERS, which involved the 1960's character, METAMORPHO THE ELEMENT MAN, a character that first appeared in THE BRAVE & THE BOLD, in a story written by Bob Haney and drawn by Ramona Fradon, and several new creations of writer Mike W, Barr, ad visually created by Jim.
Jim's version of BATMAN is fondly remembered and much missed by many members of the "baby boom" generations.

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