Thursday, April 26, 2007


The late Don Heck had a long career in comic books, drawing everything from a movie theatre premium of THE VIRGINIAN, to advertise the movie with Joel McCrea, to violent crime comic books for COMIC MEDIA in the 1950's, to a diverse group of science fiction and suspense work for ATLAS COMICS, the MARVEL COMICS of the 1950's, to the 1960's MARVEL COMICS' features IRON MAN and THE MIGHTY AVENGERS, to DC COMICS romance titles, and on to their "Batgirl" and "Jason Bard" series in DETECTIVE COMICS, with BATMAN, and WONDER WOMAN and the super-team title, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, as well as STEEL: THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, a Heck co-creation.
Mr. Heck's work was sadly mis-understood and therefore much-maligned by those who could not understand the true beauty of his work, and was later facing many personal demons following the death of his beloved wife.

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