Saturday, April 28, 2007


It saddens me greatly that this cartoonist, best known for drawing some wonderful BATMAN stories, written by Steve Englehart, in DETECTIVE COMICS, passed away recently.
He was only in his 50's.
That's not why I have listed him here, however.
The BATMAN run Marshall drew is one of the finest efforts ever in comic books. Marshall's drawing is superb, it is flawlessly designed, the _architecture_ in his panels is beautifully linear and elegant, and one feels for his delineation of Bruce Wayne and Silver St. Cloud, understanding that these two characters have "real" body language and really do love each other.
During the 1970's I was at a comic book convention with a friend, and this young man walked by us, he was carrying a largw stack of bristol board, we believed that he was Howard Chaykin.
We sprinted after him, calling out "Mr. Chaykin! Mr. Chaykin!". He turned and smiled and told us "I'm not Howie Chaykin, my name is Marshall Rogers." This was around the time Marshall first began working for DC COMICS, before those BATMAN stories came out, but, anyway, Marshall was so nice to us.
But that's not why I put him in this blog, I put him here because he was one of the best cartoonists ever to work on BATMAN, which, after almost 70 years of BATMAN stories coming out, in _thousands_ of pages of drawing, Marshall Rogers' contributions are among the best!!!
Thanks to GRAND COMICS DATABASE for the image:

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